Ezre: Free Minimalist Wall Calendar Design Template 2019 and 2020 CDR

September 16, 2019

You may be getting tired of seeing all these fancy calendar design, and we totally understand. Part of our intention with any calendar roundup is to make it diverse, and not stale. We learn from experience and know that readers appreciate when a roundup includes alternatives and creative ways of looking at things. But, Ezre is a calendar design that keeps it old-school, and truly minimal!

This poster-optimized calendar design is simple enough that the only two things you find on the page are a single photograph and a list of months. A lists is easy to customize you can change the number of a month with a text. Inside the list, you have the classic font used, with a minimalist looks. Perfect, and pretty much as minimal as you get.


  • 1 Sheet Wall Calendar Design CDR File
  • Calendar Size A3
  • 100% Print Ready File
  • CMYK Document Color Mode
  • Full 2019 Calendar
  • High Resolution Photos
  • Week Starts on Sunday
  • Photos are Include in Download File
  • Preview Image
  • Free Font Used

Font Required

Download Calendar Template Here (14 MB)

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